Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kansa Face Wand

What is it?
Imagine a small bronze saucer shaped disc about two inches in diameter with a wooden handle attached so it looks a little like a pestle or a mortar and pestle used to grind herbs and spices.

How did we come to have them at Diamond Way Ayurveda? Many years ago now I met a beautiful Belgian girl who had learned an Ayurvedic foot massage technique from an Ayurvedic doctor in Paris. For awhile his school provided us with little bronze bowls so we could show our students the benefits of this usual foot massage technique they called Kansa Vataki. We then got a stronger tool with a little handle. Unfortunately about half of those in any shipment came with a broken handles. So that slowed us down a little. Then fate smiled on us and an Indian manufacturer contacted us. For a number of years he provided us with a beautiful and consistent product and the foot massage we called Pedikarma(TM) caught on. With the sucess of this treatment our dear customers started to ask if this kansa could be used on other parts of the body. We told them there was not a tradition behind it but no harm in it either. We wondered what was happening out there in creative spa therapy land when we got a call telling us that the kansa worked miracles on the face, better that the electronic machine that had just been purchased. This customer asked if a smaller kansa was a possibility. It was, and the kansa wand was born.

What does it do?
We think it is the best face massage tool on hte market it takes just minutes to eradicate stress, tiredness and give a gentle lift. It is a wonderful add on for professional facials but equally easy to use for home use. You can use it anywhere, by which I mean at home, at work, in the car aswell as on your head, face, neck and shoulders. We hope spas will think of them for retail this holidays.

How do we learn more about it?
Just email or call 866-303-3321 and we are happy to send out more information. If you are a visual type we have a short DVD we can send that is $5 plus postage.

It is in other countries?
It is now officially in Australia distributed by our dear friends at Heritage Healers. We have had some interest in England too.

Against a background of the OCCUPY movement we have no idea what is in store for our civilization but stress reduction and working togehter to help one another is always a good idea. Here is another of our contributions to that cause.

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